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Sunday, August 8, 2010

"I'm Gonna Miss My Dawg"

"MISSIPPI" ~ The way you Pronounce MISSISSIPPI, if you are born and raised in Missippi, or grew up in Missippi your entire life!

OK...WOW....Didn't realize how hard this Blog was going to be until I actually sat down and began thinking about "My Dawg". Although I have written many, many times in my journals, since starting this Blog, I have not posted as many as I would have liked. Then all of a sudden....WHAM!! "Life" hits you right between the eyes and I find myself HERE once again...Blogging. Today I'm feeling as low as a toad in a DEEP dry well.

Most who are reading this blog, anonymously, will be ever so elated to hear this news and that is alright with me, for I am saying GOODBYE to the "Great State" of ALABAMA and "Moving on across that State Line" to the Invigorating and WELCOMING, MISSIPPI (as me and my Dawg, say it) GULF COAST, "Where I am From"! I have, in what little spare time I have had lately, been thinking about how to say GOODBYE, in this Blog, since getting the news of the move. I thought about shredding this place "Where I Live" for one last time, but I am pretty sure I have made a considerable effort in that regard, right here, in my previous writings. Not to mention, I communicated it, although not so delicately, this past Friday night, while on our last "night out, on the town"! Poor Souls, who had to endure those rants!

That being said, I decided to dedicate this BLOG to my One and Only, Closest, Missippi Sista and Best Friend, who I have known only a short time, but feel as if we have been Sisters for years. Yep, you all guessed it! "My Dawg" is from Missippi. We met a few years back here "Where I Live", but life interrupted and we didn't see each other again for some time. When we finally met up again, and I cannot even say how long it had been, we have not been apart since. I say "apart", and I do not mean that literally, of course, but there have not been many days that have gone by that we didn't at least text, speak on the phone or spend some time together. Me and My Dawg connected in many ways; most of all, us both having to leave "Where I am From" (Missippi), connected us immensely. I had actually found someone who has felt and experienced the same issues, which I have so vivaciously written about in "Where I Live". Someone, I could relate to, and VENT to, and share my secrets with, knowing there was no judging or condeming to come, only the best of intentions came from "My Dawg". We are like two Peas in a Pod! It is simply the best concurrence I have had in this place "Where I Live".

There is no time for long goodbyes...Many tears have already been shed (WHO KNEW!?)...It's all over but the crying and I guess I am feeling like I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt! Imma little confrused. (Yes, it is misspelled, but "My Dawg" knows what I mean!)

So, I am gonna miss "My Dawg", and I know we are only a phone call away, but more importantly, only a text message away! (What ya up to by now, 1500 or is it 2000? SMILE.)

Thanks, Dawg, for being there, for understanding, for always knowing the right words to say, for ALWAYS knowing when I needed a laugh, although I didn't know it at the time and most of all for being YOU, Dawg...I love you and I will never forget.

And remember Sister, two things;
1. "He can get glad the same way he got mad, or else he's gon' die un-happy!"  Never forget that! (Had to get my last two cents in!)
2. You can take the girl outta Missippi, but ya can't take the Missippi outta the girl! (I know you'll NEVER forget that!)
3. Never forget who you are! Keep writin'! YOU ARE AMAZING.
(Ooops that was three things! He Heee!)

Now it's time to say So Long, "Sweet Home Alabama" (NOT)...I will see ya when I see ya!
I feel like I've been chewed up and spit out and I KNOW, so Y'all don't even have to say it.."Don't let the door hit me on the Ass on the way out!" Right? I got it.

It's time to start a New Chapter, right Dawg? Well, be looking for the NEW Blog, it's a comin' and I am sure it will be a doozy! "Famdamily" and all...

Tomorrow I will "Move on Down, Move on Down the Road.." (Had to, Dawg! For all those HATERS out there!)

Peace Out.....