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Friday, March 26, 2010


At a time when our country seems to be be falling apart in so many ways; divided on decisions being made by our "Big Government", I find myself looking for somewhere to turn for comfort. A place to feel needed and wanted. A place with a small ray of sunshine, during these dismal days. Today, I found that place, and to no one's surprise, if you have read my previous blogs, it is right here, "Where I Am From". 

Although our Papa has gone through a deeply distressing time for the past, well, year and a half or more, along with the entire family, I find myself comforted by the fact that I am needed. And even though the past 13 years have had their ups and downs, as all families do, I found that ray of sunshine right here "Where I Am From", assisting in the recovery of my Papa and aiding my mom-in-law with anything she needs during this critical moment in our lives. I feel content in the moment in this place "Where I am From". The familiar smells, sights and sounds of the delightful Mississippi Gulf Coast flow through me, as we cross that State Line. I feel needed, wanted and welcomed as I step into my husband's inviting childhood home, and I realize that FAMILY is more important than anything else in the world, for us, at this time. More important than Health Care Reform, more important than which N.F.L. Football Player will be the next to be arrested during the off-season, and even more important than the fact that I had to eat Cheetos instead of Doritos for my snack this afternoon! When it comes right down to it, as the old saying goes, "If you cannot count on family, who can you count on?"

I look at our Papa as he is recovering and thank God that he is still with us at this very moment. I thank God that my son will have his Papa for many years to come. I want our precious Papa along with our treasured Grandma to be there when my son walks across that stage and is handed his Diploma. I thank God for my Mom-in-law, and I watch the strength in her grow as the gravity of this situation lessens. The bottom line is this; in times of difficulty, whatever is going on with the world and anything that has happened in the past matters not. What does matter is affinity, love, kindness, and most of all forgiveness. I thank God for forgiveness.

Tonight some of the most pleasant memories over the last 13 years have come flooding back to me in this place "Where I am From" and I sit here with a big smile on my face, feeling full of the joy that I have for my family; Yes, I said my family, regardless of the fact that they are my "In-Laws", they are also my "family", an innate component of life that all of us would benefit richly from, in changing that way of thinking. Although I am miles from the ocean, I can still hear the surf move onto the shore, moreover I hear the sounds of the freight train move along its track whistle blowing in the distance, and I think to myself, "Thank you God, for this bounding main, this progression and this peaceful connection I have made with my family in this place "Where I am From".

A "Close Call" will change you. It is extraordinary, if you think about it, at a time when others are in need of  comfort and compassion, in effect those others (in my case family) demonstrate the same of which I was wishing for at this time in my life.

This "Close Call" brought me back to a place in which I never thought I would arrive at again, and there is no spot that I would rather be than right here, feeling that familiar calming peace from days gone this place "Where I am From".